Amira London Jewellery was established in 2015 by founder Camilia Wilson.

Camilia always envisioned having a dream which would enable her to work for herself and around her family. A dream which would allow her to be imaginative and creative.

In 2009 Camilia beautifully handcrafted a personalised sterling silver and swarovski crystal bracelet for her daughter Amira whom she later went on to name the company after. Camilia's dream stood on stand by whilst she continued in her day to day duties as a working mother and wife, whilst in the back of her mind knew she wanted more.

As time passed during the festive Christmas period of 2014, Camilia was helping her daughter make bracelets from a present which she received. From this Amira London Jewellery evolved.

The concept behind Amira London Jewellery is that of a spiritual nature. The prominent use of Buddha, Hamsa, and Angel Wings are testament to this along with the many types of gemstones used in her designs.

Camilia's enthusiasm for gemstones came after a trying time in her life, with the unexpected passing of her mother, Camilia found herself soul searching. Exploring gemstones and reading about their powerful meanings in particular the white marble effect Howlite stone, a super calming stone which aids the relief of stress and helps an overactive mind. For Camilia it also symbolises angels because of its pure and angelic colours, thus representing her personal Guardian Angel.

All this inspiration amounted to the birth of AMIRA LONDON.