• Image of Lotus Flower Amethyst
  • Image of Lotus Flower Amethyst
  • Image of Lotus Flower Amethyst

Beautiful dainty amethyst bead bracelet with gold lotus flower charm.

•6mm amethyst beads
•10mm gold vermeil lotus charm
•4mm gold vermeil round beads
•Gold filled jump ring
•Strong Stretch Elastic

Amethyst is known as the all-healer crystal of people, animals and plants. Great for migraines and headaches. Reduces addiction, OCD, hyperactivity in children

Chakra: Third Eye

Zodiac: Aquarius

Attracts good luck. Promotes peaceful sleep and pleasant dreams. Crystal of protection bringing balance, patience, calm and peace. Promotes peacefulness, happiness and contentment. Protects against homesickness. Aids meditation and visualisation.

Bracelet is packaged in a drawstring velvet pouch to keep protected and safe when not worn.

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